Folio is the fastest social web wrapper out there. Use the lighter version of your favorites mobile site, Folio will restore space on your device, while saving your battery and data plan.

Everything you expect from a great FB Alternative

– Save Battery, Save space on your device
– Messenger & Facebook in one app
– Video & Photo download
– Order your feed by Most Recent
– Folio Lock to secure you account with a 4-digit pin
– Night mode
– Beautiful themes
– and a lot of carefully designed small features that will delight you!

You will find many copy cats based on older version of our open source version (Simple, Swipe, Metal, Fast).

Folio is lightning fast, and full featured. Try the original and see the difference!

Folio is a browser app and is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.


No longer shows videos, sounds OK. This is since the last 15th April update. The Old version appears to be working. Edit one year later and still the Video hasn’t been fixed. Click on any video and it jumps to the end, so you have to push the play back to the start. What was fixed in the latest upda…



Can’t believe I paid for this app. Terrible lag everywhere over whole app, posts and comments not appearing, can’t upload photos. etc etc. The list is endless. Uninstalling due to app being too frustrating to use.also has a bug that states.. Too many redirects… which stops the app from working. Un…This used to be my go to to use Facebook. Unfortunately for the last several months every page I look up has been getting a redirect error. I uninstalled, reinstalled and such with no effect and waited for new updates but I assume Facebook is trying to take out more wrappers.


Still too many permissions for my liking, but this has quickly become the best 3rd party FB app around. I just wish y’all would stop resetting permissions. FB was famous for that.


My new fb wrapper of choice after Simple Social got discontinued. Only thing I’m missing is bottom bar (and top bar, but it’s not a must) gets hidden when scrolling. If this gets implemented, I’ll be sure to give five stars 😉

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